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Grade - 4th Dan Blackbelt  

              ABA Boxing Tutor


Styles - Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Shaolin Kung Fu, Muay Thai,  Weapons


Training - 28yrs


Specialist areas - Personal Training, Weapons, Sports Massage,


Wendy has studied martial arts since the age of 8. Her first introduction was to Kobukan Karate and then a year later to Wado Ryu Freestyle Sport Karate. By the time she was 13 she was hooked and training five times a week and travelling all over the UK.


Whilst at university she practised Taekwondo, Wado Ryu Karate and Shotokan Karate. During this time Wendy was fortunate to spend some time in New York managing a martial arts dojo and then teaching swimming in Philladelphia. After graduating with a degree in Sports & Management her sporting career began.


Wendy spent a year as head personal trainer in a ladies only gym in Surrey before moving on to sport centre management around London. This was followed by running a 600 pupil per week swim school and managing kids holiday camps before settling in sports development for the private sector and local authorities for 5 years. This included working closely on the London Youth Games (the largest youth sport event in Europe), sport clubs grants / funding applications and helping local sports clubs work towards government standards in sport.


During the years Wendy has never lost her passion for the martial arts. She has trained in kickboxing for many years and has taught at many local martial arts schools as well as managing her own successful academy in WImbledon for 5yrs. Always keen to progress and evolve Wendy took up the art of boxing which pushes her to new levels in her cross training. Wendy is also qualified in coaching football, basketball, tennis and swimming. Alongside this Wendy is also a qualified Remedial Sports Therapist, personal trainer and is the director of Girl-Fit .


Wendy has trained full time at Yun Tai Shan in China learning Shaolin Kung Fu. Henan is home to the world famous Shaolin Monks and the Shaolin Temple. Training is 6 days a week for 8hrs each day and includes technique, forms, qi gong, weapons, gymnastics and sanda fighting.


Wendy has trained with the likes of Kash Gill, Pete Mercer, Jadi Tention, Richard Plowden, Troy Binns, Chloe Bruce, Raymond Daniels, Matt Emig, Nicky Stanley,Tyler Weaver, Franklin Egobi to name a few. She has also been fortunate to train at some renowned gyms... K1 Muay Thai in Dubai, TCK in The Bronx NYC, MMA/Boxing in Miami, Rawai Muay Thai Thailand, Karate in Okinawa Japan to name a few.


She has taught in schools/colleges and runs specialist seminars in various aspects of martial arts. Projects she has worked on include teaching young carers, refugee children, Olympics 2012 schools tour, the visually impaired, girls love sport, women in sport programme and afterschool clubs.


In July 2013 Wendy travelled to America and won 1st place in the ISKA US Open Martial Arts World Championships in Florida in the Womens Black Belt Traditional Weapons category. In 2014 Wendy competed at an international competion in China winning silver medal The competion involved over 60 countries and an opening ceremony with 60,000 chinese performing at theworld famous Shaolin Temple. 


Wendy is currently abroad for one year training full time in martial arts.

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Wendy Wilshere BA (Hons) ISRM

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