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What people say about us...

"Confidence has definitely grown in all areas as we are all encouraged to try new things and given loads of feedback. BMAKA has made me love martial arts again when I thought I was losing interest."  - Marianne


"The senseis are absoloutely fantastic. They know how to motivate and encourage the children, have superb and natural discipline and make the classes fun, challenging and inspiring. I am very impressed indeed with the classes" - Jo (mum)


"My son (7yrs old) has been a member for 6 months and I have really seen him grow in confidence as a result of the karate classes. He loves karate and feels he is quite good, which is good for him. He's very proud of his accompishments in the club and it's the first time we've seen him want to show friends what he has learnt." - Zeke's mum


"I feel great after a very energetic class... Monday's set me up for the week!" - Bahi


"Getting the opportunity to learn a really elegant and disciplined sport I've been wanting to do since I was little. An added bonus was the friendly teaching and fun nature of the senseis. I was suprised how lovely the students are too, so getting to know more quality people is a bonus." - Marina


"Alfie has never been so enthusiastic about any of his activities - this must be a tribute to you!" - Alfie's mum


"After 6 years training around France, it was unexpected to find such an exceptional place to train. A rare blend of hard work and technical skills in a high friendly atmosphere. I loved that and I'm looking forward to come back" - Pierre


"It's a great club with no egos, pretense nor attitude. It truly is appealing to all abilities and ages as this club is for joe-public wanting a really good workout and learn some martial art skills. It's fantastic value with the pay-as-u-go classes they adopt, whereas everywhere else I looked wanted my arm and leg per month for an entire year." - Aimee


"These classes really rock. Open to ALL levels, you get excellent coaching in a non-judgemental environment that encourages you to learn at your own pace." - Tina


"I was impressed with the level of focus on me as an individual. The instructors really take the time to demonstrate and explain the reasons behind the methods. No egos here, just a friendly atmosphere." - Nigel


"This is a fantastic club and I'm proud to be a member! Each lesson is different from the last which keeps it exciting. They cater for all different levels with a majority of the members being beginners to intermediates. The sensei's are extremely friendly and fun to train with! Keep up the good work BMAKA" - Nick


"I'd been searching on and off for a kickboxing class for 15 years, but I ended up instead with many false starts due to poor coaches, facilities or fellow students.

The classes are, quite simply, incredible. The tutors are a rare combination of skilled, patient, inspiring and motivating. The classes are uniquely devoid of cliques, any new attendee - however much of a beginner they are - is greeted with a smile, a welcoming hand and encouraging words. Even the black belts make the time for beginners - but that doesn't make the classes any less professional or demanding. Within a few weeks, my self-confidence had improved as much as my fitness levels. I wear my belt (albeit a white one) with pride. Arrogance and violence is not welcome, hard work and positive attitude is.

If a slightly flabby, 16.5 stone beginner can be propelled to a belt in six weeks alongside a class containing experienced black belts, then Wendy and her team must be doing something right.

Be prepared to soak in some hot baths." - Dan

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