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I would like to come to a class, what shall I do now?

If you book your first class through an instructor by telephone or email in advance you will receive your first class FREE!!! Alternatively come down to any of the classes on the timetable and pay the normal pay as you go class fee.



What do I need for my first class?

Arrive 10 minutes early if you can so you can meet the instructor before the class begins. Wear comfortable clothes and tie any long hair back. Bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Let your instructor know of any medical issues they may need to be aware of. If you have any inhalers for asthma make sure you bring them with you and your instructor knows where it is. Bring plenty of enthusiasm and a friend or two if your feeling a bit nervous!



Do I need to be fit?

NO!!! A common misconception is that people think they need to be fit before they can come and train and learn martial arts. We will help you get fit and in the first few classes let you train to your own level of fitness until you begin to see your fitness improve.



How can I get a uniform and any equipment I need?

Uniform is FREE!!! When you join a BMAKA Academy you will receive a free kickboxing or karate uniform dependent on which style you choose to study.You will also receive a licence book and insurance for one year. All other equipment such as sparring equipment, tracksuits, weapons etc can be ordered through your instructor at very competitive rates.



Is there physical contact... will I get hurt?

There will be some level of contact during classes, whether it is assisting your partner to stretch or practising a self defence move.

Sparring with a partner is optional and there are various levels of contact. Nobody is forced to spar if they do not want to.



Are there classes for children?

Some of our classes are more suitable for younger children than others. Please see our timetable or contact us if you are unsure. Martial arts is fantastic for childrens confidence and discipline. A number of our instructors started off with us in the childrens classes... just look at them now!



I have studied martial arts before, are the classes suitable for me?

Come to the class with an open mind and you will be suprised at the variety on offer to you. As well as kickboxing, boxing and karate a number of our instructors are trained in different disciplines such as muay thai, kung fu, krav maga, weapons to name but a few.